What our patients are saying...


“The doctors saved my life but Amy Shapses gave it back to me. She helped to alleviate my pain, pulling and stiffness after surgery. Through my work with Amy, I recovered my full range of motion, upper body strength and my sense of self. I continue to be a patient of hers, even though it’s been more than a year since my last surgery. I trust her to help keep my body and mind pain free. Amy remains my biggest supporter… I can’t thank her enough!” 

— Leslie S.

“Since my breast cancer surgery two years ago, Amy Shapses has been my physical therapist, yoga instructor and confidence builder. Because of her efforts, I feel more fit, flexible and confident than ever before (even prior to my diagnosis). Amy is encouraging, warm and passionate about what she does. I highly recommend her!”

— mary b.

“Whenever I come in for a session with Amy, I can feel that the focus is 100% on me and my treatment. When I think about how the healthcare industry has evolved, it’s really a numbers game… people aren’t bonding with their doctors anymore. What differentiates Amy from the rest of the industry is that she establishes a personal connection with her patients.” 


“My breast cancer felt like an ugly attack. The surgery, my new breasts, the whole intense process. I found myself pushing everything away. Then I met Amy. Through her touch, I started to feel the beauty of life come back to my body and I began to like myself again.” 

— Dorothee V.

“Amy radiates good will and compassion, and is attentive to my needs 100% of the time. It’s clear that her passion in life is healing people… she is inspiring! I hear her voice when I practice at home and am eager to meet with her time and time again. Any physical therapy treatment I’ve had in the past relied on machines and equipment… at Flow Physical Therapy I’m being treated with Amy’s voice and healing hands.”