Prior to breast cancer surgery, we recommend you schedule a preoperative evaluation with one of our physical therapists to assess your current level of function and activity. We also use this time to prepare you emotionally and mentally for surgery: answer your questions, attempt to alleviate your concerns and provide unlimited support. 

The comprehensive evaluation includes: 

  • Past medical and surgical history 
  • Social history: including your exercise regimen, hobbies, family and work
  • Physical exam that looks at postural alignment, range of motion, flexibility and strength of bilateral upper extremities 
  • Hands-on therapy to identify pre-existing pain or tenderness. This gives you a further understanding of your body as you head into surgery, and provides us with a fuller picture so that we may personalize your treatment plan 
  • Basic knowledge of your surgery and the potential post-surgery side effects 
  • Deep breathing and meditative techniques to help you ease into a relaxed state of mind prior to surgery 
  • Education on gentle exercises you can do at home while recovering

This is a physically and emotionally challenging time, and we’re here to help guide you through the process. For more information, or to schedule a preoperative evaluation, please call us at: 212.421.2278.

Let's begin to restore, transform and regain your life today.